“Live In the Moment”

Ever go out on a “school” night and realize you’ve stayed out too late, ordered too many margaritas, and eschewed your self-imposed bedtime? I have, and I’m willing to bet you all have too, because, what the hell, that’s why there’s coffee.

Well, it’s exactly on one of those nights that I happened to discover what has become one of my favorite venues for a solid cocktail to date. My sister and I set out to grab a drink or two on at Tuesday evening at The Line DC in celebration of a new gig she landed. We figured we would do happy hour, snap some photos of the hotel’s gorgeous lobby, infamous mirror, and beautifully decorated restaurants and bars, then head out. One or two drinks tops, we both told one another; she had an early morning the next day, and I had a date with a fitness class at 8 pm.

As it turns out, though, our happy hour affair evolved into a full-fledged night out, our respective early morning and fitness class long forgotten by the time the sun had set. I don’t know whether to “blame” (read: thank) the inviting ambiance of The Line DC, or the tasty specialty cocktails at its Brothers & Sisters bar that left us gunning to make our way a little further down the list of concoctions that it had to offer. Needless to say, we would both highly recommend checking the place out and planning to hang for a while. My sister’s fave cocktail – the Champagne Julep. It’s a tasty, fizzy spin on a Mint Julep that proved to be dangerously easy to drink, it was so good. Mine? The “Live In the Moment,” an aptly named drink, I think. Bourbon, ginger, lemon, and a honey liqueur – heavenly, and I’m not even a bourbon drinker.

Have you all been? If not, I’d make it happen, and if you have, what’s your favorite cocktail there?




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