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A “Tryst” in the City

Come for the coffee and pastries, stay for the cocktails and inviting, spacious environment. Colorful lounge chairs and comfortable, retro couches makes this eclectic environment the perfect telecommuter’s hangout or happy hour pitstop.

Boasting a menu replete with your favorite coffee and tea classics (think cappuccinos, chai lattes, and café au lait), Tryst also offers some delicious spins on traditional beverages. Take their Taro & Beetroot Latté, for example – a must try. Not feeling like a latté? The heavenly Lavender Hot Chocolate, a rich, chocolatey experience, leaves you wondering if you really need that Vegan Breakfast Loaf or Chocolate Silk Pie you’re eyeing at the front. The answer? You do, because while the hot chocolate is sure to satisfy your cocoa cravings, the food offerings are just as yummy.

Looking for something on the lighter side? Tryst offers a “build-your-own-salad” option with a large selection of ingredients to consider. A bonus? Tryst accommodates all sorts of dietary preferences (gluten free, grain free, and vegan to name a few), and I don’t just mean because the venue serves salads. You can be sure to find numerous baked goods to fit your likes and needs.

Pro tip – the place gets packed on weekends, so if you’re planning on finding seating, bring your patience.




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